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Artificial Turf & Synthetic Lawn

KelMar Yardworx Artificial Turf

Natural grass is great – when it’s the right option for your property. In some cases, artificial grass is better for Penticton properties. If you are interested in artificial turf, the KelMar Yardworx team has you covered.

While Penticton turf is generally better suited to commercial properties, it can work at residential ones, too. It’s great for anywhere you expect a lot of foot traffic. That might be your front lawn, or it could be on a track field, soccer field, baseball diamond, or football field. It even looks great when used to create green walls or cushion playground spaces.

No matter the application you want your artificial turf for, KelMar Yardworx has your back.

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KelMar Yardworx Synthetic Lawns

How are synthetic lawns different from artificial turf? They are pretty similar, but synthetic grass is meant to look more natural. Typically, it is used on residential properties, giving the owner a highly attractive low-maintenance alternative to actual grass. The price of artificial grass varies, but since it lasts so long, it is often cheaper than investing in continuous maintenance of natural grass.

We can source the perfect synthetic grass for your home. From the look to the materials, we customize our products based on your priorities. If you want 100% clean and recycled synthetic grass, we will make it happen. If your priority is a specific color, we’ll find it.

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We Offer

KelMar Yardworx is a full service landscaping firm offering:

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Full Landscape Contracting

Landscaping and Design

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Patio Covers 

Retractable Awnings

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Split Rail Fencing

Solar Screens

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Concrete & Block Work

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Our Work

  • What should you not do with artificial turf?
    When installing artificial grass, you need to lay it on dirt, not grass. Do not park vehicles on it and avoid treating it with pesticides and other chemicals. Be careful about the furniture you place on it, as sharp edges can be damaging.
  • How long does artificial turf last once laid?
    This depends on how well you care for it. If you take care of your artificial lawn properly, it can last 15-20 years.
  • How often do you need to clean artificial lawn?
    Once a week, you should clean the fake grass in your yard with just water. Then, once a month, give it s a deep cleaning. Artificial lawn grass is pretty clean naturally but it can get build-up over time.

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